WARHOL, Andy. Ones.

(No Place): Experiments in Art and Technology, 1971. Designed by Andy Warhol and printed by The American Banknote Company on the same paper used to print regular U.S. currency (minus the anti-counterfeit threading) this one dollar note was created for the “Art Cash Benefit for Television Programming” fundraising event. Additional notes were also created, Robert Whitman a three-dollar bill, Robert Rauschenberg $12, Tom Gormley $24, Red Grooms $51, and Marisol $88, and the money was used to gamble at the casino style tables set up for the event. The bills were never made available in quantity except on the night of the benefit and most of these were reclaimed that same night as they were used. This is a fine unused example measuring approx. 7cm by 16cm.