WARHOL, Andy. Cream of Tomato Soup.

(Camden NJ / Philadelphia, PA): Campbell Soup Company / University of Pennsylvania Institute of Contemporary Art, 1965. First edition. Very rare Campbell’s ‘cream of Tomato Soup’ label utilised as an invitation label for the cocktail party opening reception on 7th October, 1965 for Warhol’s first solo museum show, held at ICA, University of Pennsylvania. The exhibition was not only a crucial moment in Warhol’s career, it also marks a turning point in the history of contemporary art, being perhaps the first time the persona of the exhibiting artist challenged the primacy of the works on display. The repercussions of this moment play out in various ways over the next half-century, giving rise to performance and media art, the ascendance of artist-celebrities such as Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga, and everybody’s fifteen minutes of fame by way of reality television. Such was the hysteria on the night that Warhol had to escape out into the night and superstardom via a hole cut into the roof. The director of ICA, Sam Green, had obtained directly from Campbell’s the unused labels and these were printed with the event details on the verso. This example in fine condition. Rare.


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