TROPE, Donna. Polaroids.

[Paris]:  X Patrick Remy Studio, 2023.  First edition.  Folio.  Unpaginated.  Donna Trope is an award winning, world-renowned photographer specialising in beauty images Her sexy, conceptual, ground breaking beauty shots went against the grain of what was considered commercially beautiful and are now the much imitated status quo. Trope has always used Polaroids on her shootings as a test before the final take on film, even in the digital era, this volume collects the very best of them.  A fine copy in wrappers.  This is one of a handful of copies, not mentioned in the colophon, that come with one of the original Polaroids featured in the book.  The Polaroid here is of Irish model Linda Byrne from the Paris Vogue ‘Creme L’Heure’ shoot May, 2001.  The Polaroid is signed by Trope.


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