TIJEN, Tjebbe van and Steve DAVIDSON. Today this House – Tomorrow the City.

(London): Nieuwmarkt Neighbourhood Action Group and Islington Housing Research Action Group, 1972. First edition. Quarto. 11 pages. Scarce account of the conflicts in the Nieuwmarkt area of Amsterdam which was home to many artists, hippies, activists, students and other progressives, most of whom were squatting the apartments in the area. In 1968, Amsterdam City Hall approved a proposal to build a four line metro system that would cut through the area demolishing buildings. Over the course of years, protesters against the demolition clashed with an unrelenting government and commercial force until reaching it’s pinnacle in the Spring of 1975 with the Nieuwmarkt Riots also known as Blauwe Maandag” (Blue Monday). The Nieuwmarkt offensive enabled the squatters to transition from disparate groups that existed simultaneously to a network of interdependent squatter groups. A very good copy of this important work. Scarce OCLC locates one copy in the U.S. (Wisconsin) and one copy in the UK (Cambridge) no copy at the International Institute of Social History.


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