Surface to Air and D-Mop. Heavy Change.

(No place): Surface to Air and D-Mop, no date (c.2004). First edition. Elephant folio. An amazing collaboration between these two fashion brands; 30 artists from around the world were asked to interpret their idea of the phrase ‘Heavy Change’ and transfer their creations onto t-shirts. The t-shirts vacuum packed into plastic sleeves form the pages of the book which itself becomes a fashion / art gallery. An exciting work that pushes the boundaries of coffee-table book experimentation. The participating artists include: Petra Mrzyk and Jcan Francois Moriceau, J.J.C.JV / Fisher Spooner, Faile, Cedric Rivrain and EEM (for Yazbukey), Florence Manlik, Maria Chen Pascual, Bruno Peinado, Daniel Jackson, Accidentalgenius, Pablo (for House of Jazz), Naohiro Ukawa, Kenzo Minami, DFA, SKKI, Aaron (for Supreme), Zakee Shariff and Kate Gibb, Gaspard Yurkievich, Rosa Fukui, Sunday Vision, Mark Newton, Gordon Hull, Leo Fitzpatrick and Brian Degraw, Santiago Marotto, Michael Ricardo and Alfredo Martinez, Jeremie Rozan, and Rajan. An absolutely amazing work published in a worldwide edition of just 140 numbered copies, of which very few complete sets remain since some outlets (“Surface to Air” in Paris, “A-Life” in New York, “Beams” in Japan, “J-01” in Hong Kong and “D-mop Breeze Shop” in Taiwan) sold the tshirts separately. A very good example, complete with all thirty tshirts packed into plastic sleeves, bound and bolted into heavy card covers. (Additional shipping charges will apply).