(Japan): No printing details, 1798.  Manuscript.  Large octavo.  89 pages.  An amazing work on samurai sword mountings, and the various housings and associated fittings that hold the sword when it is being worn.  The work was originally written, in 1762, (and published in 1829) by Ise Sadatake a Samurai scholar and descendant of Ise-She.  (Sadatake was also the author of Hoketsu zusetsu one of the most highly regarded works on origami).  It is likely that the work also formed part of Sadatake’s expansive work on the rules and customs of the Samurai, Teijo-zakki, which he wrote between 1763 and 1784 and was published in 1840.   This is a Utsushi on the original work by the author’s grandson, Ise Sadahura and, has been additionally embellished with a number of wonderful colour illustrations that were likely not included in the original edition.  It is probable that this edition was prepared by Sadahura for teaching purposes, he is noted as being a tutor of Japanese scholarship to the Samurai Yashiro Hirokata who was to become an eminent intellectual involved in the writing of a number of official historical compilations.  A very good copy in original wrappers, with some staining and worm holes.  A superb copy of this important work of one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture.  All copies of the first printings of Sadatake’s work which were published primarily during the Tenpō period and the manuscript copies that existed before hand are all now quite scarce and highly desirable.



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