[RUNDELL, Maria Eliza]. A New System of Domestic Cookery: formed upon principles of economy: and adapted to the use of private families. By a lady. A new edition, corrected.

(London): John Murray, 1816.  A new edition, corrected.  12mo.  xxx, 354 pages.  An early printing of this important and one of the most popular English cookery books of the first half of the nineteenth century.  First published in 1806 the volume is a short collection of Rundell’s recipes.  In contrast to the relative disorder of earlier cookery books which mainly consisted of just recipes Rundell’s text is strictly ordered and neatly subdivided, Mrs Rundell begins by explaining techniques of economy how to carve, how to stew, how to season, to “Look clean, be careful and nice in work, so that those who have to eat might look on”, how to choose and use steam-kettles and the bain-marie, the meanings of foreign terms like pot-au-feu (“truly the foundation of all good cookery”[), all the joints of meat, the “basis of all well-made soups”, so it is someway into the book before the recipes actually begin.  Recipes include cod currie, raspberry vinegar, tips to make sprats taste like anchovies, mushroom powder and much more.  Illustrated with ten plates.  A very good copy in blue boards with title label to the paper spine.  A nice copy.



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