RUIZ, Guadalupe. Kleine Fotoenzyklopädie.

(Biel, Switzerland): Self-printed and published, 2015. Octavo. Unpaginated. This project corresponds to the iconographic research Ruiz did during her artist’s residencies and travels in 2014 and 2015. Each place of residence (Genoa, New York, Detroit, Bogota, Tirana, Mexico, Chicago) gave Ruiz the inspiration to develop her project and collect images of different themes. As a photographer she wants to document and to offer a unique vision of a place, an object, a building or a person. This collection of 645 photographs is arranged in 37 chapters, among which are: WOLKENKRATZER (skyscraper) BLUMEN AUS KOLUMBIEN (flowers of Colombia), GEGESTÄNDE AUS DER ELTERLICHENWOHNUNG (decorative objects from the house of her parents), PATISSERIEN AUS CHINATOWN (cakes from Chinatown), MAIS- UND KARTOFFELSORTEN (varieties of corn and potatoes), WEIHNACHTEN IN NEW YORK (christmas in New York). An interesting working. A near fine copy in boards. Published in an edition of 500 copies.


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