RICHARD, Paul. Untitled.

(2007). Original. Oil paint on old door. Measures approx. 226cm by 87.5cm and very very heavy. Haunting image that has to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. The door is currently stored in New York. An acclaimed realist painter, Richard is now emerging as one of the most recognised street artists in New York with his drip portraits and museum style plaques, which he affixes to sidewalk paraphernalia such as fire hydrants, standpipes and street signs. These plaques bear the artist’s name, and materials of construction; such as cast iron, cement and paint. All of his works are “Untitled” and include a “Special thanks to the city of New York”. Placing these upon everyday objects he adds another facet to their existence, energizing the ordinary and giving the commonplace a new identity. In this way he becomes the carnival side show of the art world, beckoning people to come one, come all and see the amazing, stupendous, incredible object that you’ve seen a million times before, but never noticed. These newly transformed items still say whatever they said before by themselves, yet this expression is now subordinate to what they communicate as a combined form with his plaques. Through their new association and the designation of these objects throughout the city as works of art, a strong change occurs in the way one perceives them. Preconceptions related to cause and function are cleared away in favor of a new matrix, in which we see the true nature of form. This theory can then be used as a lens by which to examine the very foundation of the nature of art is and the role it plays in the community.


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