Rave Flyers.

(UK): Various printing details, 1989-1999.  Various sizes and formats.  An amazing collection of approx. 500 rave flyers from the heady days of the UK rave scene with examples from all the major players, Biology, Amnesia House, Fusion, Equinox, Inner Sense.  The rave flyer is early electronic music’s most emblematic artist medium, developing from photocopied, black and white scribbles of the late 80s to highly elaborate works of illustration. The examples here are predominately from the golden age of rave flyers, 1991-1994, colourful puzzle pieces that incite your imagination and kick off vibrant stories of musical influence and hedonism. Whether creating entirely original kaleidoscopic designs or cheeky rip-offs of corporate logos, the artists behind these flyers manage to capture the passion and attitude of various homegrown music scenes.  All items generally in very good condition.  A nice collection of these treasured relics of the dance music scene.


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