RANSOME, Arthur. Oscar Wilde.

(Paris):Mercvre de France, 1914.  First French edition.  Paperback.  238 pages.  Translated from the English by G. De Lautrec and H. D. Davray.  A Critical Study is a book written by Arthur Ransome in 1912. The book is a detailed analysis of the life and works of the famous Irish playwright and writer, Oscar Wilde. Ransome explores Wilde’s literary career, from his early days as a poet to his later works as a playwright and novelist. He also delves into Wilde’s personal life, including his relationships, his trial and imprisonment for homosexuality, and his untimely death at the age of 46.Ransome’s critical study of Wilde’s works is a comprehensive examination of Wilde’s literary style, themes, and influences. He analyzes Wilde’s use of wit and satire, his exploration of Victorian society, and his commentary on morality and ethics. Ransome also examines Wilde’s influence on other writers and artists of his time, as well as his lasting impact on literature and culture.  A very good copy in original yellow printed wrappers.


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