PRATELLA, Balilla. Manifeste des Musiciens Futuristes.

(Milan): Direction du Movement Futuriste, 1911.  First edition thus.  This with the date of 29th March, 1911 and the first to carry the Direction du Movement Futuriste statement, (there was a further edition dated, 11th May, 1911).  Quarto.  Single sheet  folded to make four pages.  This French edition has the distinction of summarizing and reworking both the theoretical and technical principles of the Italian version into a single manifesto.   According to Pratella, Italian music was inferior to music abroad and he called for young musicians, via his manifestos to change that.  One of the leading advocates of futurism in Italian music, much of Pratella’s own music betrays little obvious connection to the views espoused in the manifestos he authored.   This a very good example. 


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