(SOLD): Point-blank: Homage to Valerie Solanas. Declaration of the Surrealists on the Andy Warhol retrospective at the Chicago Art Institute, June 1989.

(Chicago, IL): Black Swan Press, 1989.  First edition.  A4 Sheet.  Single sheet printed one side only.  An angry piece that “calls Warhol “the Richard Nixon of modern art.” The Surrealists note that “Never having had the chance to spit in Warhol’s face when he was alive, we take this opportunity to spit on his memory, on all his work, on all his admirers, and especially on all those curators, critics and other highly paid liars who have managed to convince a certain number of people that this putrid non-entity was and is actually of some importance. Some day — and sooner than you think! — we shall have the pleasure of trampling and pissing on Warhol’s loathsome representations of commodities, on the ruins of this and other museums of commodities, and on the ruins of the whole stupid social structure founded on the fetishism of commodities.”  A very good copy, some creasing.  Scarce.


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