PERICH, Anton. Night.

(New York, NY): Anton Perich Productions Inc., 1978.  First edition.  Folio.  [16 pages].  Volume 1, Number 2.  The ultra scarce second issue of Perich’s iconic magazine, that documented and paid homage to New York’s nightlife.  NIGHT, claimed to be the supreme oracle of current and future trends in art, fashion and nightlife.  The relationship between nightclubs and art was at times superficial, but it could also be profound in ways that fundamentally altered both the content and format of serious visual art.  NIGHT captures this phenomenon with striking photographs that show how fashion, art, and music intermixed at clubs like Studio 54 and encouraged both the rise of performance and new forms of post-pop celebrity media art. This second issue of NIGHT was devoted almost exclusively to Studio 54 and consisted entirely of Perich’s photographs along with a few advertisements from fashion businesses.  This example, Mr and Mrs Jagger, gracing the cover is in very good condition, creased where folded, its so big it has to be folded.  A nice copy of this magazine that focused on the beautiful, the exclusive, the intelligent, and the controversial of New York’s night-time.


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