NEWMAN, Frank. Barbara.

(No place): Olympia Films, Inc., 1970. Scarce promotional folder for the Walter Burns directed movie Barbara (….and the love commandos), billed as the first unisex movie of the 1970’s. Set and filmed on Fire Island, the teenage Barbara has sex with a variety of people including her brother, then both hatch a plot to try to convert their parents to their newfound “lifestyle”. Promotional item comprises 10 stapled a4 sheets, with film stills, the story of production by Walter Burns, the history of the book, a psychoanalitical inquiry into ‘Barbara’ by Dr. William Erwin and more. Also included in the folder is a “Sate-A-Mate”, questionnaire, an amusing promo for an imaginary sexual dating agency. Both items in very good condition housed in a card folder.


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