NAGATA, Masaichi. Warning from Space.

(No Place): Daiei Motion Picture Co. Ltd., no date (c.1957).  First edition.  Single sheet measuring 30cm by 42cm folded to 30cm by 21cm.  Film brochure for Warning from Space a Japanese tokusatsu science fiction film directed by Koji Shima. Produced and distributed by Daiei Film, it was the first Japanese science fiction film to be produced in colour. The film was one of many early Japanese monster films quickly produced after the success of Toho’s Godzilla in 1954. After release, the film was met with negative reviews, with critics calling it “bizarre” and accusing it of using science fiction clichés.  Daiei hoped to find a foreign market for the film though they had difficulty in selling it.  The brochure here, contains, in English, a synopsis of the film, as well as a note from the director.  Laid-in are publicity sheets (three) for the French premier (1957) where the film was released as Le Satellite Mystérieux.  A very good copy.


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