MOTTA, Marcelo Ramos. Letter to a Brazilian Mason.

(No place): Society Ordo Templi Orientis in America, 1980. First edition in book form. Pamphlet. In this the author’s formost work he introduces the idea to his lineage that there is an egregore of the old aeon, coined as ‘Christism’ from which the Black Lodge attempts to prevent the inevitable cycle of change that comes to all life and especially to those that seek racial evolution. This is also pointed out in his Black Lodge lectures; shown to members of the two known outer organizations that have evolved along his lineal successors. From this and combined with some of the writings of Dion Fortune, Motta delineates the nature and methods of psychic attack and protection from psychic attack. Spiritual Defense was necessary in the paradigm of the Manichean Polemic he set up as a mythos for his successors. And strict adherence to the commands of one’s Superior along the lines of an Eastern ‘Chela’ to his Master, were an important component to his teaching methodology. A very good copy in stapled wrappers with some uneven sunning to the covers.

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