Mick Jagger is Ned Kelly.

(London): Corgi Books, 1970. First edition. Quarto. Scarce souvenir publication from Tony Richardson’s 1970 take on the tale of Australias’ most notorious folk anti/hero, Ned Kelly. Mick Jagger’s part in it was critically panned on release, not entirely without justification, although to be fair, the most vociferous and influential of the negative voices were Australians narked at the usurpation of a cultural myth by a Pommie nonce (mate). In the intervening years, more balanced appraisal has acknowledged that while Mick’s somewhat stylized and androgynous portrayal of the title character is not always in keeping with public perception and expectation of the tough outlaw, his performance is considered and not without merit. Jagger’s girlfriend of the time, Marianne Faithfull, had come to Australia to play the lead female role (Ned’s sister, Maggie), but the Jagger-Faithfull relationship was breaking up, and she took an overdose of sleeping tablets soon after arrival in Sydney. She was hospitalised in a coma, but recovered and was sent home. She was replaced by a then-unknown Australian actress, Diane Craig. The booklet, in very good condition is illustrated throughout with stills from the film.


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