McGOWAN, Bosco. “Poohbah Doo Dah”

(Hollywood, CA): Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1981. Revised shoting script for the “Poohbah Doo Dah” episode of Happy Days starring Frankie Avalon (as himself) and Henry Winkler as Fonzie aka “The Fonz”. The show, Season 9, Episode 15, aired on the 26th of January 1982. Comprises 30 loose A4 sheets in whole punched card covers, plus the Paramount script requisition form. This copy inscribed on the front cover to “Pasha – smile your cool heart out – love indeed” Henry Winkler 1982 “P.S. Congrats”. The Fonz was cool. In 1999 TV Guide ranked him number 4 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list. Virgin Media included Fonzie in their “80s finest” segment and stated: “He was the coolest dude in suburban America…..he even made the thumbs-up sign look good”.


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