MARROQUIN, Raul. Phandangos 3!

(Maastricht, The Netherlands): Agora/Jan van Eyck Academy, no date (c.1972). First edition. Broadside newspaper. [8 pages]. The third issue of the fantastic Fandangos, one of the earliest artist magazines. This issue includes contributions by Thomas Niggl, Herbert Walker, Dick Wessels, Bernardo Salcedo, Karina Raeck, G. J de Rook, Michael Gibbs, Jacques Lizene, Davi Det Hompson, Jorgos Chronis, Ovum, Cayc, Ad Gerritsen, Marten Hendrix, peter Hutchinson, Marjo Schumans, Peter Adamski Etiquette, Christiane Berndes, Jochen Gerz, Michel Druks, Anton Verhoeven, Geza Perneczsky (with rubberstamp in red), Beverly Parke, Klaus Groh, Guillermo Duarte, Jan Tomaschoff and others. A very good copy in newsprint a unique collage element (magazine cut-out glued to the page) as well as Blue Landscape by Dick Wessels, a blue acetate square stapled to the cover.


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