MANDILIS, Costas. Anoixth Noah.

(Athens, Greece): Anoichte Pole, 1980-1993. Partial run of the Greek counterculture magazine. Issues present are 1, 4-13, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29-31, 32/33.
Well-produced magazine featuring articles on subversive art and music (foreign bands like Crass as well as the Greek scene), much sexual content (standard and transgressive), anti-authoritarian perspectives such as a discussion of antistatist lyrics in reggae, and much more. Earlier issues have more material on pop art and the hip scene, Andy Warhol, Leonard Cohen, Jim Morrison, R.D. Laing, William Burroughs, Chas. Bukowski etc., before going further into the deep end (perhaps an indication of further political openness in later years). Also included is an promotional poster for the magazine, printed in black on orange stock and measuring approx. 10″ by 7″. All magazine, in printed, stapled wrappers, 13 in A4 format and 7 in A5 format. A nice run of this important greek underground magazine.


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