LUPINO, Stephan. The World: 254 E. 2nd Street N.Y. City.

Munich: Graphics Photos Art, 1988. Original partial mockup for the finished book. Includes 22 page lay-outs, 2 partial proofs of the finished book, 13 photographic prints and a copy of the published work. The World was a large nightclub in New York City, which operated from the mid-1980s until 1991 at 254 East 2nd Street, in Manhattan’s East Village neighbourhood.  The World attracted a clientele that was economically, racially, and sexually diverse, and included artists, celebrities, and fashion designers.  The World operated largely outside the law, and opened and closed unpredictably. It ceased operations permanently in 1991, when its owner was found dead on the premises. All items in at very good condition.


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