GUILLEN, A. A Small Prison Archive.

A fantastic archive pertaining to prisoner A Guillen who was incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections on four occasions between 1996-2006. The collection includes the inmate ID card for each incarceration and two ‘privilege’ cards. Together with 17 photographs showing both the inmate, and fellow prisoners, 11  paños including two on cloth, and two etched Tupperware beakers and one on a large envelope. Prime examples of making the most of what you have. The drawings show imagery and inspiration from the larger visual arts vocabulary of Chicano art conspicuous in murals, posters, low rider cars, graffiti, and tattoos, whilst showing the deepest emotions of the prisoner. Clown faces also appear in the drawings and these masks of comedy often symbolise the theme of “laugh now, cry later” the consequences of “La Vida Loca.” (The crazy life). Whilst paños themselves are not uncommon the prisoners often using pillow cases and bedsheets the two examples on the Tupperware beakers are very rare and fine example of the evolution of this art form. The archive provides a poignant visual record of gang life and time spent behind bars.


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