GREENE, Graham. Brighton Rock.

(New York, NY): The Viking Press, 1938.  First US edition.  The correct first edition preceding the British edition by one month. Octavo.  358 pages.  Greene’s seething and anarchic novel, Its energy and power is that of the rebellious adolescent, foreshadowing the rise of the cult of youth in the latter part of the 20th century.  The book has been adapted to stage and film numerous times, most recently in 2018 by the British dramatist Bryony Lavery. It also shares its title with a 1974 hit Queen song, and its characters are mentioned in the refrain of the 1994 Morrissey song, “Now My Heart Is Full,” reflecting the book’s far-reaching impact on British culture.  A very good copy in dust jacket with $2.50 price intact.


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