GILS, Gust. Untitled.

[Antwerp]: Self-published, 1980.  First edition.  Original drawing.   Gils, was a well known Belgian poet, who founded the experimental avant-garde magazine Gard Sivik, named after the jazz café in Antwerp of the same name. He was also the editor of the literary magazine Podium. Gils wrote and had published over thirty works of poetry and prose.  Beginning in 1969, Gils began to experiment with psychedelic drugs, particularly LSD, to investigate the effect of drug use on his consciousness, writing and drawing.  The drawing here executed in coloured chalk is quite possibly the result of such experimentation.  Gils had intended to publish a volume showcasing the works that he produced whilst using hallucinogens, sadly the volume was never published.  The drawing is chalk on black paper measuring approx. 21.5cm by 27.5cm is in very good condition, some light creasing to paper edges.  Signed and dated by Gils (7th November, 1980) in chalk in bottom right corner.