GEORGE, B[ob]. Punkappella.

(New York): One Ten Records, 1978. 7″ flexi-disc, 33 rpm, mono. Clear disc with ring of staples embedded in surface. “This disc continues an audio Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle explored in Duet, (that the playing of the disc changes/damages the machine doing the playing) with the insertion of staples into the run off groove. Or that maybe you should think twice about playing any music. The punk era was the West’s last gasp of musical defiance in the 20th c. followed by 20 years of complacency.” (B.G.). The Duet was the artist’s first recording and was constructed by cutting two different, commercially released LPs in half and gluing one to the other to produce a playable disc. One Ten Records was founded by Bob George to release the first commercial compilation of audio work by visual artists-a two LP set entitled, Airwaves. Airwaves included the initial recordings of Laurie Anderson and unreleased work by Meredith Monk.  An example of the single was included in the Europunk exhibition at the Cité de la Musique in Paris. The flexi from 1978 was one of the few actual discs on display, and was also illustrated in the catalogue. This rare and unusual recording in fine condition with original printed sleeve.

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