GALINSKY, Michael. The Decline of Mall Civilization.

Chapel Hill, NC): Rumur, 2019. First edition. Oblong quarto. Unpaginated. Garlinsky’s superb follow-up to Malls Across America, this again a tribute to the mighty Xanadus where small American’s rushed to melt away the mundane reality of day-to-day life. Here they were offered a shining beacon of sounds, colours, lights and flavours. Full blown sensory overload, and all just a short drive from their dusty, drab, one-street towns. Big hair, shoulder-pads, stone-washed denim, striped jumpers all ubiquitous symbols of the time are captured here, observing these fondly-remembered icons of what was, for many, a happier time, is certainly one of the things that makes Decline not only such an enjoyable experience but also a wistful one. This a near fine copy in photo-illustrated boards without dust jacket as issued.


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