Fashion Archive.

(Brussels, Belgium): Mary Colson and others, 1987 – 1988.  First edition.  A large archive of press photographs (approx. 750) showcasing Belgium fashion of the late 80s.  We aren’t talking Antwerp 6 here but high street fashions from the likes of Cotton Company, Jacques Laloux, Chamail, Triumph International, Gianini, Beatrice Hympendahl  and many more.  The images vary in size, and predominately feature female models, although male and children fashions are represented.  In the 1980s, bigger meant better across the board in fashion. From women’s shoulder pads to men’s power suits to bold colours and patterns for men, women and children, there was nothing understated about fashion in the eighties.  There was also an appreciation of good and classic styles with a re-interpretation of collegiate look as “preppy” style.  The power look, animal prints, frills, sweats chunky knits, the whole spectrum of late 80s fashion is represented in this wonderful archive.  The archive comprises in total approx. 800 photographic images, a small proportion however (maybe 50 or more) are loosely stuck together they could possibly be separated with a little patience.  Many, but not all the of the prints, contain text sheet on the verso providing details of the designer and look.


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