Equipo Movimento: Marroquin – Young Tchong. Documentation of Reality.

(Amsterdam): In-Out Productions, 1973.  First edition.  A4 Flyer.  Flyer for the event at the In Out Center, Amsterdam April 2 – April 13, 1973.  Raúl Marroquín started Equipo Movimiento with Young Tchong, who was the owner of a video camera – a possession that was usually out of reach for a young artist. Marroquín was acquainted with video, as he had worked with the technique in Bogotá. Wu Young Tchong (“I called him Woo”, says Marroquín) had no art training, but was the son of a well-to-do Chinese restaurant entrepreneur, and was fully immersed in his collaboration with Marroquín. The duo had the ability to record anything they liked, often including TV items or a Warholesque take on, for instance, a newspaper photograph of Simone de Beauvoir, which lasted 12 hours and was recorded on four VHS tapes.  This was the first solo exhibition by Equipo Movimiento and the event included super 8 film (The Park of Maastricht), a photographic piece (the door of the church of Verona), a slides piece (Sunset in Maastricht), a polaroid picture piece (The counting piece) and a magazine piece (The Bankrobbery). Flyer with stamps is in very good condition, creased where folded.


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