EGEROD, Soren. The Tattooing of Women: An Atayal Text with Vocabulary.

Np: Acta Orientala, 1974. Octavo. pp. 286-310.  An offprint which publishes a recording made by the author in the village of Tampia, south of Taipei, in 1962. The discussion is between an elderly woman and a younger man regarding the custom of ritually face tattooing Atayal speaking women, with in depth descriptions of the method of tattooing, which took an entire day using pine soot, wire, hammers and a razor. The dialogue is printed in Atayal with facing English translation, and is followed by a lengthy Atayal vocabulary of the words used.  Originally published in Acta Orientala, this offprint is scarce with no copies recorded in OCLC.  A very good example, offset printed, stab-stapled and cloth tape bound at spine.


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