DUNKER, Thomas W. Horseshit: The Offensive Review.

(Hermosa Beach, CA): Scum Publishing Company, 1967. Third printing. Quarto. 48 pages. Number two, the second issue of this offensive journal that combined “strong, fearless, humorous drawings with witty, intelligent, outspoken writing.” This issue includes “Cunt Is a Christian Word”: A dreadful two-page poem, an article on providing sexual education to federal judges, “The Fetishist,” a comic featuring a deviant anthropomorphized shoe
• “The Last Words of Jefferson Monroe Just Before He Was Torn to Pieces on the Floor of Congress,” written in the style of a contemporary teleplay, Ten pages of whimsical “Patriotic Drawings”, a six-page spread on the Kama Sutra, written like an explicit Mad gag, a two-page spread of jokes about women and more. A very good copy in wrappers.


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