DEW, Diana. Electric Dress.

(New York): Diana Dew for Paraphernalia, c.1965. White cotton twill, A-line, with mandarin collar, spherical black buttons along one side, electrified red heart on chest, separate slip, equipped with plugs and and wires, concealed in hem of slip, size 6, labeled: Designed by Diana Dew for Paraphernalia. Reportedly designed for the opening of Paraphernalia’s first New York store. A fantastic and innovative fashion item. For a short while Dew was the rage of the New York fashion scene and nothing was more identifiably ‘in’ than a Diana Dew light-up dress. her light-up mini-dresses and pants pulsed to the music at the hippest discotheques. “My clothes are designed to turn people on” she said at the time, “Get rid of the inhibitions, like taking LSD but with none of the hang-ups”. Much of her inspiration came from two vastly different contemporary sources, hippies with their playful costumes, bright colours, psychedelic effects, acid trips, freedom, pleasure and new levels of communication; and astronauts with their world of space suits, electronics, new materials and new dimensions. Dew eventually sold the technology to the U.S. military, and dropped out of the fashion scene. The dress is in great condition.


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