DALI, Salvador. Los Vinos de Gala.

(Paris): Galaxis, 1997. First Spanish edition. Quarto. 295 pages. No vin ordinaire, this book combines the great Dalí and the world’s greatest wines to produce a refreshing blend of art, fun, and information.
The illustrations are unique in their variety and visual humor. Among the numerous reproductions of Dalí’s paintings and drawings are several that he created expressly for this book. Then he has taken late-nineteenth-century French academic works and fifteenth-century miniatures depicting the wine-making process and altered them, giving them his own inimitable stamp. The results are unexpected, outrageous, and amusing. Large color reproductions of specific grapes and pictures of wine paraphernalia, such as bottles and labels, add an informative counterpoint to Dalí’s surrealistic visions. The volume also includes botanical or chemical information on the growing of grapes and the making of wine, gastronomical notes on which foods go best with each wine, and a long section filled with practical advice on the storing, serving, and drinking of wine. A near fine copy in dust jacket.


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