Church of The Tree of Life.

(San Francisco, CA): Tree of Life Press, 1988. First edition. Church of The Tree of Life Membership Card. Card measures 9cm by 7cm and is made out to counterculture collector and historian, Rick Synchef. The Church of the Tree of Life had neither ethnic strictures for membership, nor set theological doctrines. Spiritually libertarian, it maintained that the psychoactive substances were God’s gifts to humanity, and that consenting adults had the right to use them in whatever manner they desired, so long as their actions didn’t impinge on the rights of others. The Church didn’t officially recognize LSD, cannabis or other Schedule One drugs as sacraments, but promulgated the use of legal alternatives like morning glory seeds, kava, calamus root, damiana, and other non-proscribed substances as tools for consciousness expansion. Membership was open to anyone who agreed with these general principles. A very good copy.