CHOPIN, Henri. Revue OU Cinquieme Saison: Le Homar Cosmographique.

(Paris): Henri Chopin, [1966].  First edition.  Square quarto.  Bound signatures and loose sheets housed in card folder.  Issue 26/27 of Chopin’s fantastic revue.  This issue includes contributions by Edmund Alleyn, Roberto Altmann, Noel Arnaud, Serge Beguier, Bertini, Jan Burka, Henri Chopin, John Furnival, Ilse et Pierre Garnier, Hirsal Grogerova, Jiri Kollar, Kosice, Hanjorg Mayer, Rancillac, D. Frederik, Reutersward, Rotella, and Ben. The vinyl recording contains poems read by Roaul Hausmann, Bernard Heidsieck, and Henri Chopin.  Contains in very good condition, card folder is heavily worn, creased, and torn.  This example inscribed by Chopin to Belgian poet Paul Nuhuys.  Scarce in any condition.


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