CELENDER, Don. Artball.

(No place): Don Celender, 1971.  First edition.  Trading cards.  An unnumbered set, containing 20 art trading cards being mini-collages of baseball matches with a superimposed  black-and-white face of an artist placed over a baseball player’s  face, and then added a fakey baseball team name like “METZ” or “YANKZ”.  The reverse of the card features an example of the artists artwork.  This set contains Albers as manager, Chagall, Warhol, Benton, Kline, Rothko, Dubuffet, Manet, Matisse, Moore, O’Keeffe, Picasso, Rauschenburg, Rouault, Rousseau, Wesselmann, de Kooning, Toulouse-Lautrec, Pollock, and Mondrain.


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