BUSCH, Marylou. Spleen.

(Hilversum, The Netherlands): VPRO Radio, 1982 -1984.  First edition.  A4 stapled sheets.  Issues 1 – 65 of Spleen zine.  Dutch text. Spleen zine was issued to accompany the Spleen radio show that ran from 1982 until 1984 from the Hilversum 3 Studio. The radio show was devoted to new wave, free jazz, punk, electronic, minimal and world music.  The program was presented by Ignit van Kasteren, active in the duo Van Kaye+Ignit, and the music was selected by Marjooke Roorda and Richard Zeilstra (Genetic Factor). The program broadcast concert records including the Cocteau Twins in De Meervaart, Kiem but also invited bands to play live in the studio for a small audience. Such bands included Labor Adelt !, Michel Banabila, Cabaret Voltaire, Ende Shneafliet, Front 242, Mechanical Command and Tent. The zine comprised  six to eight  photocopied pages, that detailed the program’s playlist and information about each artist played.  Numerous artist were played on the show, including Divine, Siouxise and the Banshees, Syd Barrett, Yoko Ono, Malcolm McLaren, Strawberry Switchblade, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Chris and Cosey, Spear of Destiny, Howard Deveto and many many others.  All issues in very good condition.  A complete set of this very important and rare music zine. No issues recorded in WorldCat.


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