BURN, Dave. Rent Strike: St Pancras 1960.

(London): Pluto Press for Architectural Radicals Students Educators, 1972. First edition. 26 page pamphlet. On 4th January 1960 over 2000 council tenants in the borough of St Pancras went on partial rent strike. Their campaign was against the differential rent scheme introduced by the Conservative council. The numbers of tenants who were actually withholding the rent were to fluctuate during the nine or ten months that the struggle was at its height, and although two tenants were forcibly evicted and many others intimidated, the council was left at the end of the year with rent arrears totalling over £20,000. This pamphlet looks at the causes and the history of the rent strike. It examines the reasons for the rent scheme and its connections with the general financing of council housing; the history of the tenants’ movement and whether its struggle could have been more successful; and finally, the part played by various organisations both in the tenants’ movement and against it. A very good copy in stapled wrappers.

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