(SOLD): BRUNDAGE, Slim. Ravings by Manic Depressive.

(New York, NY and Chicago, Il): College of Complexes, no date.  12mo.  Unpaginated. Introduction by Ion Karrallis (John Carroll). Hobohemia is a place, a time period, a lifestyle and Brundage was very much at its forefront. It is political dissidence and a blue collar counterculture of artists, poets, writers, intellectuals, hobos, and ne’er do wells who bucked conventional society and politics generally from the mid-1910’s through the early sixties. The hub of Hobohemia was Chicago where the rails drew hobos and the labour movement a concentration of radical thought. There were Hobohemias in other cities such as San Francisco and New York, but none had the power of Chicago. Its momentum started with soap boxing in Bughouse Square which was located at the corner of Clark and Walton Streets in Chicago. This grew into the opening of the infamous Dil Pickle Club (circa 1920-1933) where Brundage was a regular speaker, he was also a dedicated Wobbly, the union organization, Industrial Workers of the World. In 1951 he formed The College of Complexes, The Playground for People Who Think, of which he illustriously deemed himself, The Janitor.  In this volume (undated, but probably from the early fifties) Brundage worries that there is nothing to look forward to for the next generation of beatniks, nothing to believe in, and no hope for the future.  His only publication, the book was a disappointment for Brundage because of its hurried and sloppy assembly.  This is a good copy in stapled wrappers, some old liquid stains to wrapper edges, light crease to covers. Scarce, OCLC locates just two examples.