BROWN, Ashley and Michael HEATLEY. The History of Rock.

(London): Orbis Publishing Limited, 1981 – 1984.  First edition.  Quarto.  Issues 1 – 120.  A complete set of this massive 2400 page encyclopaedic look at the history of contemporary music.  Articles include a retrospective study of the music and countercultural landscape of 1967, by sociomusicologist Simon Frith; an overview of the guitar’s role in rock music, by Charles Shaar Murray; a piece by Nick Tosches on the “devil’s music” aspect of Jerry Lee Lewis’ work; and an overview of the role of female artists in the 1950s, by John Pidgeon. Other writers and critics who contributed to the magazine between 1981 and 1984 include Chris Welch, Barry Miles, Penny Valentine, Chris Salewicz, Lenny Kaye, Tom Hibbert, Greg Shaw, John Tobler, Steve Turner, Bob Woffinden and Ken Hunt.  All issues in very good condition.  Rare complete.



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