WORDEN, Dennis and Wayne HONATH. Death Cult: Jonestown Massacre Memorial Cards.

(Somerville, MA): Carnage Press, 1988.  First edition.  A collection of 40 cards, measuring approx. 3.5cm by 2.5cm, numbered 1-39 (two cards are numbered 13 intentionally).  The cards are double-sided the verso printed in purple and when joined together form two larger images.  The recto features artwork by a number of artists including Raymond Pettibon, Gary Panther, Charles Burns and many others.  The images all relating to Jim Jones and his crazy-cult shenanigans.  The cards come with a small four-page booklet that lists the artist for each card and shows what the 2 complete puzzles from the backs of the cards look, and a slightly larger sticker.  A fine set, lacking the clear plastic box.  Supposedly issued in an edition of 2000 copies although this stamped  3759 on the verso of the booklet.  In any event scarce, OCLC locates  a single example at San Diego State University Libraries. 



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