WOMEN’S STREET THEATER, The. This is a Cranky… or rather, it CAN be a Cranky.

(San Francisco, CA): People’s Press, nd. (1970). Large newspaper format (8pp). Scarce publication containing instructions to build a ‘cranky’, (you actually need two copies of this paper), along with a simple cartoon like strip with accompanying text outlining the history of women’s oppression and struggles. As the group explains the ‘cranky’ is a paper movie or cartoon sequence inside a simple wooden frame. The moving paper roll unwinds onto a take-up reel enabling you to tell a story with a minimum of words and a maximum number of strong images. The theatre group used this method to engage the public in a discussion of the history of women’s oppression not only did they expect to teach but also to educate themselves not only through the preparation of the performance but also through engagement with the audience. This is a very good example.



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