(SOLD): WEERT, Johannes van der. De Avonturen van Redrat.

(Rotterdam, Breda and Amsterdam): Raket / Papieren Tijger / Het Fort van Sjakoo, 1981 – 2010. First edition. Quarto. Volumes 1 – 14 in seven issues. A complete set of the adventures of Redrat. Redrat was created by Rotterdam punk pioneer and singer with the punk band De Rondos, Weert, as a character for inclusion in the influential Dutch punk fanzine Raket. Redrat soon became an icon for the Dutch punk and squatting movements, where skinny rats stood up against the ruling class of fat pigs. Created as a reaction to the Police violence during the Amsterdam Coronation Riots the original adventures were published between 1981-1983. Redrat was bought back to life in 2009, Weerts clear line drawings and zoomorphism together with Redrat’s ironic and cynical comments paint an important fresco of four decades of political and social history in the Netherlands. All issues in very good condition with the five posters present. Complete sets, particularly with the posters present are rare. Worldcat appears to locate only one complete run.


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