(SOLD): WARHOL, Andy, Paul MORRISSEY et al. Interview: A Monthly Film Journal.

(New York, NY): Poetry on Films, Inc., 1969. Volume one, number five. Tabloid folio. 28 pages. Nicknamed “The Crystal Ball of Pop” Interview, was the first magazine to employ a unique question-and-answer format to delve candidly into the minds of celebrities, artists, politicians, filmmakers, musicians and literary figures. In many of the issues, celebrities interview other celebrities, which was a Warholian
conceit that gave Interview its deliciously voyeuristic appeal. In this issue Kenneth Geist interviews Robert Altman. There are additional articles, reviews and commentary. Illustrated throughout with film stills. early issues are particularly fragile and this is a very pleasing example with cover image of Jane Fonda as Gloria in Horace McCoy's classic, The Shoot Horses Dont They?


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