(SOLD): TREMAINE, Jeff. Big Brother.

(Lawndale, CA): Steve Rocco and Mike Ternasky, no date [1992-1993. First editions. Various formats. The first three issues of this legendary skate magazine, that came in and re-introduced the punk rock, fuck-all attitude that skateboarding was missing at the time. The spirit of the first issue, just the act of it, was rebellious, Big Brother was anarchic, antagonistic, Anti-Establishment, a little ragtag mag that upended the entire skate industry—and pop culture writ large. It was the bad influence your parents tried to protect you from. As well as covering the skate scene (as they saw it), the magazine threw a middle finger at censorship, civility, and anything resembling a moral compass in the process. Next to impressively amateur photos of professional skateboarding’s next big talents were tongue-in-cheek articles detailing the most effective way to commit suicide, graphic sex tutorials and the proper way to use a coke straw (complete with a child snorting a line off a skate deck). It was uncensored, super creative, and raw, not only did Big Brother enrage conservative America, but it would serve as the urtext for DIY media that transcended the sport. Big Brother is also credited as the origin of Jackass, one of MTV’s most popular shows ever. . The format of the early Jackass episodes resembles Big Brother videos and many of the Jackass cast were already working with Big Brother. All three issues in very good condition, first issue with “warning: test copy” sticker as issued. A nice set of the first three issues of what basically was the coolest mag of the ’90s.


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