Swip Stolk. Rammellzee.

(Groningen, The Netherlands): Groningen Museum, 1987.  Very rare poster for the Rammellzee exhibition at the Groningen Museum, 8 February – 22 March, 1987.  Rammellzee, a graffiti artist had at this point moved from illegal street artist to darling of the critics.  The art, rap, and cosmologies he conjured not only mesmerized the 1980s art world, within which he came of age, but left a permanent mark on his peers and the artists who came after him, from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jim Jarmusch to the Beastie Boys, graffiti artist Futura , and cult rapper Wiki.  Rammellzee’s tags were barbed with sharp, explosive lines that made them look like weapons. This was no accident. He wrote extensively about the alphabet’s ability to wage war against language, misinformation, and a repressive society. “The letter is armed to stop all the phony formations, lies, and tricknowlegies placed upon its structure,” he wrote. “You think war is always shooting and beating everybody, but no, we had the letters fight for us.”  These ideas became the basic components of Gothic Futurism, a philosophy that Rammellzee continued to develop over the course of his life. As time went on, it became a full-blown cosmology, filled with characters hell-bent on saving letters from “being institutionalized, locked into the system that is magnetized to our fridge doors.”  Poster measures approx. 84cm by 29cm and is in near fine condition.


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