SUTCLIFFE, John. AtomAge.

(London): Atomage, 1972 – 1980. First edition. 32 issues. A complete run of this extraordinary cult fetish magazine that specialized in leather, rubber and PVC fetishism, with a heavy emphasis on rubber and leather catsuits, cloaks, and gasmasks. Commencing at the birth of the fetish and punk phenomenon, Atomage magazine was to become a central reference for fetish-wear aficionados heralding in a new form of freedom for sexual expression. Well ahead of his time, Sutcliffe first created the Atomage clothing line in 1957, a business founded on personal obsession rather than profit. Atomage was nothing short of revolutionary, leather clothing wasn’t readily available in women’s fashion at the time. Initially launching the Atomage magazine to showcase his latest creations, the magazine quickly developed into something more engaging: a fetish magazine created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The magazine eventually extended to create sister publications Atomage Bondage and Atomage Rubberist.

Available through private subscription, Atomage provided a new space for fetish lovers to rise out of anonymity and share their fantasies. Atomage actively encouraged its readers to participate by contributing pictures and stories to the magazine through the “Atomage Correspondence System”. The resulting content is an intimate and uncensored celebration of sexual deviations ordinarily perceived to be outside the “norm”. Atomage has remained a little-known gem of the underground and a precious chronicle of the fetish movement. As an exceptionally vivid documentation of the wild stretches of imagination and artifice that people infuse into their private lives, Atomage articulates a vision far beyond any superficial fashion trend. It channels fetish as a conscious lifestyle choice as well as an expression of personal taste, imagination and desire. Due to the small production runs and the destruction of most of the backstock by the police, the Atomage magazines are now extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors.
2010 saw the publication of Dressing For Pleasure, The Best Of AtomAge, a comprehensive hardback book celebrating the imagery and life of this highly influential magazine and company. A very good set of this legendary magazine all issues in very good condition or better in photo-illustrated stapled wrappers. First four issues are 1975 reprint issues.


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