STANLEY, Captain. The Razors Edge.

(Palisades, NY): Talisman Press, 1977. First edition. Volume 1, Number 1 – 5. The first five issues of this great underground fetish zine about bald women and shaving. The magazine was launched in 1975 by famed underground cartoonist Alan Shenker, best known as his pen name “Yossarian”. Shenker got the idea while working for Screw, when he heard of a women’s cult shaving their heads en masse to protest gender inequality. Under the name “Captain Stanley”, Shenker paid models up to $200 to be shaved and even hosted a fairly well-publicized Miss Bald America pageant. Interestingly enough, the women featured in The Razor’s Edge aren’t really sexually objectified. The fetish isn’t just for bald women, but for the process of shaving and the transformation thereof. Much of the shoots are dedicated to the women’s reaction to being shaved, and their delight and surprise at their new chrome domes. All issues in at least very good condition.


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