Spider Webb Questionnaire for Underground Reference Listing.

(No place): No printing details, no date. (c.1984). A questionnaire completed by legendary tattooist Spider Webb. Voted number 16 in the list of 101 most influential people in tattoo, Spider Webb has has spent most of his career promoting tattoos as a fine art, notably with his book Pushing Ink and his gallery shows in the 1970s. A Master of Fine Arts, he brought modern tattoo art into SoHo galleries. He penned 15 books and created movies on the art form detailing it’s history, evolution and soul. He inked rock stars like KISS, and most notably, he persistently fought the tattoo bans that plagued New York City, including risking jail by inking porn star Annie Sprinkle on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the mid-seventies. More than twenty years later, in 1997, on the day when Mayor Giuliani was to sign a bill reversing the ban, Spider was at City Hall with a top hat and long feather plume tattoo machine ready to ink the city’s first legal tattoo in over 36 years. The questionnaire was used to obtain information to be published in book form as a who’s who of the underground. The book however was never published. This questionnaire comprises 22 questions over three A4 sheets, each of which has been completed by Spider Webb e.g. Religious Beliefs: Jack Daniels Ballentine Ale.


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