(SOLD): SPARE, Austin Osman. Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards.

[London]: Self-published, no date [1936]. An original set of 26 “Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards”, also known as “Obeah Cards”. The cards are numbered from 25 to 50 and each one bears an identical face drawn in Spare’s ‘automatic’ style of looping or flame-like calligraphy, including a wing, a subsidiary face and a couple of animaloid heads. The cards are housed in a small brown manila envelope stamped ‘SURREALIST Racing Forecast Cards: Read instructions carefully. Since no complete set of instructions are known to exist the use of the cards is obscure, although they may be related to Spare’s earlier Arena of Anon, the divinatory card system. The cards were advertised as enabling one “to conduct an interesting and perhaps profitable experiment with luck” the cards came with no guarantee but money back “without question or argument” was offered “if you find them of no use to you”. The cards measure 3.75″ x 2.5″ and are in very good condition. The envelope is chipped worn and torn. Rare, no examples recorded on OCLC.


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